About Me


About Me:

Hi!  I’m Kelsey Martin, and I’m a recent high school graduate with a passion for all things food, fitness, and DIY. When I’m not busy serving tables or being a cashier at the restaurant where I work, I spend a lot of time creating things, whether it be healthy meals, pallet signs, wall vinyl decor, or photos of my country(ish) life.  Although I have a lot of personal hobbies, I also highly value time spent with my family and our dog.  I live with my parents and younger brother in Ontario, Canada, and we have a golden retriever dog named Riley.

Riley playing with his swing.
Riley playing with his swing.



We all need a mental break once in awhile.  I find my reprieve in creative projects and the great outdoors.  If this sounds like you, then welcome aboard!  Sign up for email notifications of new posts sent directly to your inbox.  Join me and we’ll breathe some creativity into our routine lives!

For organizational tips and tricks to managing homework and school in a busy life, check out my website: Super Smart Scholar.  Creating this website was a school project that paved the way to my starting this blog! 🙂

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