DIY Inspiration from the Closet

DIY Inspiration in your Closet

Do you ever feel motivated and ambitious about tackling a DIY project, but when it comes to actually creating something, you’re not sure where to start?  I know that feeling well!  I remember getting these surges of creative juice as a child.  I’d excitedly haul out my paints, feathers, crayons, etc, and make a big […]

Re purposed Pantyhose Dog Toy

Braided Pantyhose Tug Toy for Dogs

Do you have as big a problem as I do with being a pack-rat?  I give you my sympathy if you do… it’s quite a condition to live with!  I look at something others would call junk, and I see beauty… OK, potential beauty!  Like, “I could sand and paint that piece of wood for […]