Soda Pop Silhouette File

Today is such a gorgeous day that I can’t stop thinking about summer, as you might guess from the soda pop file I’m offering today! 🙂 I’ll admit I’m surprising myself by staying inside to post this right now, when I hear the lawn mower and the birds beckoning me to come outside!

I just washed the windows outside, with the help of my beloved Golden Retriever puppy, Riley.  He’s 1 year old, and into EVERYTHING!!!  Our yard looks like a snowy junkyard, thanks to the shredded remains of several stuffed animals and a stuffed clown scattered everywhere.  Riley also started an excavation project in our front flowerbed yesterday, so I’ll have a lot of cleaning up to do before my friends come on Sunday night!  So, with all that ahead of me, I guess I’ll get my fill of the outdoors before this weekend is over! 😉

You might be wondering what compelled me to stay inside and create a Silhouette cut file when the weather is so beautiful?!  The truth is, my brother is all into “getting rich quick” lately, and his latest brainwave is to sell pop, water and energy drinks at the end of our driveway, beside our busy road.  I agreed to go into partnership with him, although it bothers me a bit to sell something as unhealthy as energy drinks!  However, he convinced me that people who drink them will buy them anyway, so we might as well get profit from them.  I guess he’s right, but I feel kind of like I’m dealing drugs or something! (Shudder!) Oh well, I guess it’s only caffeine and sugar…

My brother and I were trying to figure out how we’re going to advertise our drink stand, and we decided to make signs and set them up the road a little ways.  I designed this Soda Pop file on Silhouette Studio to use on signs for our business.  I’m afraid the cherry on top is a little deceiving, as we’re just going to be selling things from cans and bottles but…  Whatever works, I guess! 😉  So, if you happen to drive along and see a sign like this, make sure you stop for pop! 🙂

Stay cool and enjoy the approaching summer, everyone! 🙂

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